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Secure. Reliable. Trusted.

Secure Socket Layer

Hackers can intercept data transferred unsecurely over the web. Your data is encrypted through a SSL; thus absolutely useless to anyone who goes through the effort of capturing it.

SQL Injection

SQL Injection is a method hackers use to break into databases. Our server protects you from SQL injections using CodeIgniter Framework.

Brute Force

You are protected from Brute Force attacks because after 3 incorrect login attempts the Client Portal uses CAPTCHA technology which requires a human to read an image that appears.


Weak "easily cracked" passwords are unsafe and might jeopardise your data. The client portal never allows weak passwords. Plus, it allows firm administrators to require users to create passwords that meet certain levels of strength. In addition, the system gives users the option of having a two-factor-authentication via SMS.


Our server has installed a specific firewall to protect it from viruses, malicious attacks and/or other trojan softwares. We like you to feel your data are safe and sound.

Data Loss

Private Reporting do daily cyphered data backups on an external server. Seat back, relax and enjoy your experience ! Everything is backed up.


Private Reporting is all about privacy. We mind our own business. That is good enough ! We never communicate any personal identification data to any third party. Ever.


Every sensitive data is encrypted on our servers. We have no clue what you do on your account. Unlike others, we (proudly) do not price our service based on assets under management. This is our biggest edge on the quality of services we deliver.


Private Reporting is a read-only reporting tool. No money in, no money out. With a true bank-level protection (anti-virus, anti-hack, multiple backups), your cash balance is never at risk.

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